Reasons to Walk the Labyrinth in Daily practice

Introducing the Creation Circles Labyrinth
Daily practices can be used to help us to create change on any topic or issue in our life. Below, we have listed some of the issues and topics that have seen change by walking the labyrinth. Using a daily practice practice supports alignment with flow. With the energy of sun, moon, earth, stars, and universe, the pull of flow allows us to begin the pulse. To walk our labyrinths, we decide on an issue and listen daily, being with what is said, complete exercises as we are able, or just listen in knowledge that you are and will be supported.

Daily practices can be experienced without choosing an issue or topic, just to support ourselves in our connection with the energies that affect us here on earth.

Creation Circles Basic Labyrinth (PDF).
Each unique lunar cycle labyrinth (downloadable with your purchase) will aid you in your daily practices.

The labyrinth can be walked with any issue, but here are a few for which help has been sought:
  • Want to know my life purpose.
  • Disheartened.
  • Improve parenting.
  • Create a love relationship.
  • Obsessed with dream(s).
  • Feeling a loss of self.
  • Poor self-perception.
  • Loss of a home.
  • Loss of a job.
  • Creating a new job.
  • Weight loss.
  • Exercise motivation.
  • Grief about a handicapped child.
  • Grief.
  • Unresolved Grief.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Trapped in judgment.
  • Hiding from strong feelings.
  • Cannot self-validate.
  • Cannot organize.
  • Cannot initiate.
  • To stop smoking.
  • To stop marijuana use.
  • To stop cocaine or heroin use.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Lack of boundaries.
  • Feeling trapped in your life.
  • Fear of life.
  • Loss.
  • Recovering from trauma.
  • Self-sabotage.
  • Misunderstood on a soul level.
  • Infertility.