New to the site? Here is the process. (FAQ)

New to the site? Unsure or wondering if creations circles is for you?

The daily lunar practices of 10-15 minutes (approximately) are sound files in MP3 format that you can stream or download. These files are designed to accompany you on your path as you walk through your own personal labyrinth of life. These paths are coordinated with the current lunar (moon) cycle and the position of the moon in the sky (which house/constellation it is currently in). The sound files for each lunar cycle will be available for download over the course of that lunar month.

What to do next:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. The daily download becomes available at midnight, EDT (earlier, if we can manage). Go to your My Downloads page for these.
  4. Sign up to receive lunar cycle labyrinth practices - $15.95 USD per lunar cycle.
  5. Begin on any or each new moon.
  6. Listen to the daily download sometime during the ensuing 24 hours.
  7. On each new moon, a new labyrinth and daily practices will become available - and will need to be purchased. Our goal is to have these as subscriptions, so that you don't have to reorder them every month.
  8. Past moon cycles that you have purchased will be available for you to review at your leisure.

Permission to experience the power of inter-relationship.
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Starting after the New Moon (late)?
If you missed the New Moon beginning (entrance) date, but it is before the full moon, it is still supportive to begin and start receiving the daily benefits.