Shared Creation Circle Testimonials

The Power of Past-Life Integration

When in the here & now physical world, I was driving in/through fog that morning, I got a severe pain coming from my shoulder on the right side up to my ear on the right side. In physical form I would have thought it was a pinched nerve but because of Embodied Meditation & Creation Circles, my knowing/sensing told me it was "bigger" than that! I texted my teacher & asked for help, when my teacher received the text, my other teacher was with her, they looked at it together & found a past life where I was an Indian in a canoe coming out of the fog. Soon thereafter I had an appointment for a healing with you, where you also found this past life. You said me being in the fog was towards the end of my life & I was leading/saving my people from the soldiers coming to get us. We had to stay on the move though because they were always close, I developed pneumonia & died from it because we could never stop long enough for me to heal. But before this I was a wise warrior & my people came to me for advice because of my wisdom. You taught me how to integrate this wisdom back into my vortices that were there from this life time!

My previous lifetime to the here & now was during WWII, with knowing that lifetime I made peace with that lifetime this summer, before the fog incident, through meeting with a person from that lifetime that I died protecting, giving that person the information from it, this person asked me what do we do now, I said we heal, let it go & move on in the here & now! The previous lifetime to that I had died quite young from an illness that caused me to suffocate. After I started integrating my past life, this one past life first hit me with a here & now illness of laryngitis, once I let go of that physical illness, I had slight congestion in my lungs, but that did not get bad or stay, now all this information just started coming to me. Like when I read your articles from the Bio Self Emergence, I understand it all more clearly now!
- T.N., Michigan

One of my 2012 intentions was to start living in true relationship with the phases of the moon as I saw how these affected aspects of myself. I also wanted to find a way I could work with the phases to manifest my intentions. I am pretty sure this is what drew me to Creation Circles, this practice works with these phases as well as sun phases, flux fields, solar winds and star forms. Prior to this during major solar wind activity I would find little respite from the energies around me and within me. Kiera’s practices gave me a form to work in true relationship with these phases - rather than struggling I now thrive as emotional and behavioral blockages are dissolving. I felt the benefits of the practices instantly, from the first I had a better sense of myself, my relationships and the direction I was taking and the further I experience Creation Circles the more my understanding develops. It is an exciting time as I grow with every Creation Circles practice and walk the labyrinth as part of my journey.
- E.D., NSW, Australia

At first, I wondered how many moon cycles I would do. After I completed 3 cycles, I got my answer - all of them, as long as Kiera is producing them. Each labyrinth and lunar cycle is completely unique. I don't want to live out of flow again.
- Rachel P., Systems Manager

I had great trouble staying in the labyrinth when the moon was in fire sign. I had an embodied healing, and my daily practices are much easier. Some days, I feel as if I am floating through the paths.
- Chris A., California

It's like always knowing how to dress for the weather, but with energy. The daily practices let you know just what energies and in what realm are affecting us as we create change. I've also found that it supports me in my business because I realize that my clients are experiencing the same energy.
- David P., Sales

I don't know how it works, but wow it works!
- Jason F., grad student

Thank you for this beautiful energy and practice. I've been following Creation Circles since January 2012. Astounding and unexpected things have resulted. I wake up without muscle aches and pains. I am no longer greeted by a thick cloud of fatigue that needs lifting before I feel ready for the day. While these have decreased over the past five years, they are now completely gone. My sleep has been more refreshing and sound since I began. These aren't the issues I entered the labyrinth on, but what a gift to have ample, pain free, energy for the day!
- C.R., Nurse, Huntington Woods, Michigan

Creation Circles is brilliant. Kiera brings together such an unbelievable amount of information and detail into walking the daily paths. Most days, I am in overwhelm - yet I don't want to miss a day, so I can learn to live in universal energies.
- Nancy P., Arizona

The first labyrinth was tough yet exciting. I didn't feel much occurring, at least that I was aware of. When I entered the second labyrinth and began walking, I felt my very being shift to being more present. Thank you, Kiera.
- S.P., Chef, Ohio

I entered on December 24, 2011 and haven't missed a day. Besides the unreal shifts I have realized on my topic and issue, what I am learning about the energies of the unseen and how they come to bear on us is amazing. I have my friends asking me now, "what energies are working on us today?". Since I started, every time I am struggling with something, I come home and listen to my Creation Circles practice and there would be the answer and solution for what I had been struggling with. I started listening to the practice in the morning - no more days of unknown struggle.
- H.R., Chicago, Illinois.