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Deconstructing the Human Field

I began Creation Circles in 2011 out of my grief, as humans had lost the ability to listen to the pulse language of the Milky Way galaxy. Creation Circles are four online practices each month, one for each lunar phase. They were created to support us in returning to creating in flow, energetically developing with the lunar phases, star constellations and living in communication with our Milky Way galaxy. Each star, planet, and asteroid, is ever communicating, exchanging photon light, and more, just as we are. Humans created an electromagnetic field, which I call the human field,that blocks the daily information sent to re-synchronize our energetic development to the Milky Way galaxy.

Beginning on September 13, 2015, I will begin a new journey of listening to the information and recording four Creation Circles Lunar Phase Practices each month, so each of you can join in. A significant part of human history has been hidden from most of us for over 12,000 years. As humans expanded across the continent of Africa, through Egypt, the human field had not yet been created. During this time, what today we call energy work was at an indomitable level through the connection we humans still had to the galaxy. From this connection, emerged great energy workers - and pharaohs. Their now-extinct DNA line developed with larger cranial cavities (less folds in the brain).

At that time, over 12,000 years ago, humans were on track with their energetic development and their brains were developing on target. This allowed us to move deeper into synchronization and ongoing communication with the Milky Way galaxy. As we heard the information being sent, we were evolving and developing, in a sense growing up. Just as children who are not fully developed need parents, so humans who are not fully evolved and developed needed leaders, or pharaohs. As we were emerging into our fully evolutionary position, the need for leaders and pharaohs waned. The pharaohs didnít want to give up their position or control over the population and convinced some of the energy workers to serve the pharaohs. To assist the pharaohs in maintaining control, the energy workers used their knowledge, on all levels, of electromagnetic fields to create the human field, and so arresting the development of the human brain. They understood that changing these fields changed what is created inside of us. They used their knowledge of how to program the fields, to determine how cultures developed, and what attributes and practices emerged from those cultures

The energy workers built structures to support the energy work, placing 74 field labyrinths in the electromagnetic field energy of Earth in order to alter the evolution of humans. Since that time, what humans have brought into being has been dictated by those 74 field labyrinths, not by communication with the fields of the galaxy. Of course, most are blindly unaware of how this has affected us and our human evolution. I have trained and secretly prepared for this time, and now I will move into the field labyrinths, one at a time, and deconstruct them, returning Earth's field to what it was before the labyrinths were placed.

I will deconstruct one labyrinth a month with the reflection of the next 74 lunar cycles. One by one, freeing humans of what was brought into being to control them and to de-evolve our species. I invite each of you to join me, beginning on September 13, 2015 and to practice along with each phase of the lunar cycles.

Each who walks with me will gain first one, then more strands within the field, to walk free of the human field.

Daily Practice for You being with Deconstruction of the Human Field

Creation Circles History

The longing for connection with humans is ever with us. Creation Circles is an offering to all to live in unique soul-oriented connection, through the embodied principles which encompass the understanding of the four aspects of being in human experience. Beginning on January 11, 2013, Creation Circles becomes a pulse lunar cycle practice which connects each person existing to living in flow with moon sign, sun sign, and the four aspects of embodied orientation:

  • Pulse
  • Structure/Crystal
  • Journey
  • Reflection
Note: The understanding of these four aspects of Embodiment can only truly be understood through experiencing them through connecting to the sun, the moon, and the stars.

I invite you to integrate the Creation Circle practice and experience, soul emergence, which can only come from a mechanism of soul connection to the energies of the sun, moon, and stars.

Longing for change, seeking change, sadly, does not usually bring one the change they seek. Daily, fluctuating support through energetic connection through the star forms - this brings one into relationship with the sun, the moon, and the stars - providing pure experience and bringing us into connection with our soul essence. Creation Circles emerged out of the understanding of functional oneness, which comes from the knowledge that once an essence takes form, it follows a certain path or journey to oneness. In Creation Circles, we have a deep knowledge that the beginning of all things comes from the pause, the energetic equivalent of the new moon.

One of our ancient structures that awakens us to this knowledge is Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built with advanced knowledge and focus on harnessing the energies that influence the earth and us. We call on the structure's power and the wisdom of its construction when we enter the first Creation Circle lunar cycle on the Winter Solstice, which coincided with the new moon in December 2011 - on this date, Creation Circles honored the flow of the energies. Each lunar labyrinth continues to harness the energy of the current moon cycle. Creation Circles brings this energy to a daily personal level.

Creation Circles has emerged out of the lunar cycles which brought us the alignment energy of the 13 developmental stages of man. Creation Circles provides a pulse practice to support living in flow.

The first moon cycle of the year is present (in some form) during all moon cycles. It houses what we refer to as "point of origin" energy. This energy is the beginning of the year-long lunar cycles and it is reflected during all the lunar cycles, even though they are in a different phase and different energy. Each moon (lunar) cycle is unique and builds on the others. You can begin with any new moon or you can begin with our offering of the first moon (lunar) cycle at any new moon. After completing your first cycle, sign up to begin (in real time) before the next moon cycle begins.

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